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kawaii日本語 - Japanisch lernen

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You want to learn Japanese but your learning materials are boring?Then kawaii日本語 is perfect for you! We can help you to learn fast, easy and effective to read, write and understand Japanese!Cute flash cards with mnemonics help you to remember words better!
Learn faster, easier and more effective with these features:
★ Learning▸ All Hiragana and Katakana▸ Prepare for the JLPT N5 with a selected amount of vocabulary that will be extended over time!▸ 209 cards with 71 unique pictures▸ Spaced repetition supports your learn progress for faster and more efficient learning▸ Lessons for listening comprehension and writing▸ All content recorded from Japanese native speakers
★ Play▸ Take a break and play one of our interactive learning games. "Kana-Memory" and "Nihongo Dash" will help you to remember and recognize Hiragana and Katakana.▸ We always try to expand our gaming selection for you! For free!
★ Story▸ Experience the story about Riko, Yuji und Aoi while they guide you through kawaii日本語.
★ Customize▸ All flash card images are drawn by artists from the German speaking community.▸ You want to support your favorite artist? We give you the option to customize your flash cards with different layouts designed by these artist to fit them to your learning preferences.
※ kawaii日本語 can be used completely WITHOUT In-App purchases. We only offer In-App purchases for purchasing optional card layouts (see ★Customize above) and to unlock additional learning expansions.
※ An internet connection is required to download the learning cards on your first start of kawaii日本語. After that, you can use kawaii日本語 without further internet access. Some features can be unavailable when not connected to the internet.